I didn’t realize until after I’d shot this whole roll that my Pentax ME was set to ISO 200. Kodak Tri-X is an ISO 400 film. Fortunately, Tri-X is well known for shrugging its shoulders at most misexposures and returning usable photos anyway. Minimal Photoshoppery took away the haze of overexposure and enhanced the contrast, at the cost of a little shadow detail.

I respect old Packards for what they are, but their styling doesn’t really do anything for me. Their hood ornaments were beautiful, though. Packard had a number of hood ornament designs, like the flying lady from yesterday’s photo, and a whole series of swans. They used this swan in 1936.

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Captured: Swan


3 thoughts on “Captured: Swan

  1. Bill Bussell says:

    It would be helpful to understand new restrictions you faced at your final Mecum. Did they forbid or discourage photography? Maybe you would prefer not to go into it. I ask because I may take some pictures in Indiana museums such as Studebaker or Auburn. I know Garfield Park has restrictions in their “greenhouse”. Cheers

    • BIll, there were no restrictions on photography. There were fewer cars available to photograph, and very few of them were outside in the sun where I prefer to photograph them. Navigating the cars is more challenging now thanks to them reconfiguring entry and exit to an inconvenient part of the fairgrounds. I seemed to find fewer non-muscle cars, which is why I go. And then they hiked the price to $30. The joy has reduced to the point where I’m not willing to pay $30 to experience it.

      I didn’t know Garfield Park greenhouse had any restrictions! The one time I visited with my camera I shot freely, but that was a few years ago.

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