I didn’t realize until after I’d shot this whole roll that my Pentax ME was set to ISO 200. Kodak Tri-X is an ISO 400 film. Fortunately, Tri-X is well known for shrugging its shoulders at most misexposures and returning usable photos anyway. Minimal Photoshoppery took away the haze of overexposure and enhanced the contrast, at the cost of a little shadow detail.

I respect old Packards for what they are, but their styling doesn’t really do anything for me. Their hood ornaments were beautiful, though. Packard had a number of hood ornament designs, like the flying lady from yesterday’s photo, and a whole series of swans. They used this swan in 1936.


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  1. Bill Bussell Avatar
    Bill Bussell

    It would be helpful to understand new restrictions you faced at your final Mecum. Did they forbid or discourage photography? Maybe you would prefer not to go into it. I ask because I may take some pictures in Indiana museums such as Studebaker or Auburn. I know Garfield Park has restrictions in their “greenhouse”. Cheers

    1. Jim Grey ☕️ Avatar

      BIll, there were no restrictions on photography. There were fewer cars available to photograph, and very few of them were outside in the sun where I prefer to photograph them. Navigating the cars is more challenging now thanks to them reconfiguring entry and exit to an inconvenient part of the fairgrounds. I seemed to find fewer non-muscle cars, which is why I go. And then they hiked the price to $30. The joy has reduced to the point where I’m not willing to pay $30 to experience it.

      I didn’t know Garfield Park greenhouse had any restrictions! The one time I visited with my camera I shot freely, but that was a few years ago.

  2. Sam Avatar

    Silky smooth tones, excellent work!

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