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I went to the Mecum old-car auction again this year. It was my seventh straight year — and also my last. The number of cars available to photograph has dropped sharply over the past few years, and the once open atmosphere is now tightly controlled. And it now costs $30 to get in. It was $20 the last couple years, and just $10 before that. The price went up in inverse proportion to the fun. So I’m done.

I did get some satisfying photographs with my Pentax ME and my 50mm f/1.4 SMC Pentax-M lens. I shot Kodak Tri-X. This shot is my favorite from the day, of a 1937 Packard hood ornament. I never know just what I’m going to get when I shoot inside under the wonky light of an agricultural building on the Indiana State Fairgrounds. I compose and expose as best I can, and release the outcome to the fates. The fates smiled on me for this photograph.


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  1. Christopher J. May Avatar

    Very nice, indeed!

    1. Jim Grey ☕️ Avatar

      Thank you Christopher!

  2. Dan Cluley Avatar
    Dan Cluley

    You have a knack for making detail shots work.

    I suspect I am spoiled by the number of free car shows in Michigan, but would think there should be other opportunities in your area.

    1. Jim Grey ☕️ Avatar

      Thanks Dan! I did way better this year with my film camera than my digital on those detail shots.

  3. hmunro Avatar

    The fates did indeed smile on you with that image, Jim! It’s too bad it’ll be your last visit to this particular car show, though. Sadly it’s just one more example of attractions trying to extract more money even as the attraction itself dwindles. I do hope you’ll find a better alternative not too far away so you can continue to indulge your (and your readers’!) love of old cars.

    1. Jim Grey ☕️ Avatar

      We shall see! A buddy of mine drives a classic Cadillac limo and displays it in car shows all over; maybe I need to ask him how he finds out about them.

  4. J P Cavanaugh Avatar

    For the first time, I was around and able to go. But dayum, that $30 admission was steep, especially since I was inclined to take some of the kids along. I decided to spend my time elsewhere. And now I don’t feel so bad. I will look forward to more pictures.

    1. Jim Grey ☕️ Avatar

      One thing I saw a lot less of this year was children. Not that there were tons before. The $30 charge might be preventing them.

      There were still many, many great cars to see. It’s just not the endless smorgasbord of years past, with so many cars parked outside in the glorious sunshine for awesome photography.

  5. davidvanilla Avatar

    Nice photo, but at thirty bucks a pop I can’t say I blame you for looking elsewhere for future pictures. I am not worried, though. Your talented eye seems to find shoot-worthy subjects wherever you go.

    1. Jim Grey ☕️ Avatar

      😊 I always appreciate your encouragement, David!

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