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It’s become a Saturday-morning tradition here at Down the Road: a short list of interesting blog posts I read during the week.

This is funny! Crude, but funny. Television writer Ken Levine (Cheers, M*A*S*H) writes about the time he got a matronly network censor to say a whole bunch of words you can’t say on television. Read My favorite network censor story

If you wonder what’s up with the book I plan to publish, I’m waiting until my wedding is over to work on it more. Wedding planning is taking that time right now! If you have a thing you want to do but haven’t started, Johanna Rothman asks you what you’re waiting for. If you can’t articulate it clearly, she argues, then get on with it. Read What Are You Waiting For?

J. P. Cavanaugh on teaching his grown son to drive a manually shifted car. He wonders: is the skill obsolete? Read Manual Dexterity


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