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Saturday morning again, Roadies, so get your coffee or tea and read along with my favorite blog posts from around teh interwebz this week. Yes, I just said teh interwebz. I have now used up my lifetime allotment of that phrase.

Tina Gasperson meditates on how she’s lost her unbridled hope for the future, but has gained an appreciation for the present moment. I wonder if that’s common to middle age; I feel much the same. Read Small hope and little gifts from God

Responding to an article about how we spend way too much on our children, including their educations, Mr. Money Mustache shares the ultimate education for our children. Hint: you’re on it now. Read The Cheap Ticket Into the Elite Class

Writing for Curbside Classic, William Stopford compares the 1989 Toyota Camry to the 2016 Toyota Camry — and concludes that today you get a whole lot more car for about the same money, adjusted for inflation. I think this is true of cars in general. Read Curbside Comparisions: Two Generations of Toyota Camry


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