Twisty 62

I keep coming back to some photographs. Like this one. I shot it on one of my first road trips, back in 2006, along a bunch of twisty southern-Indiana back highways. It was the first time I walked out into the middle of a highway to get a photograph. I was listening for cars as hard as I could, a little frightened one would come around the curve and not see me.

What I mean by “keep coming back” in this case is that I’ve edited and re-edited and re-re-edited it trying to make it better. I find it to be compelling but imperfect. Every time I get a new photo-editing tool, I try again. I just got full Photoshop, so I worked over this photo one more time. I’m just trying to figure out how to make my photos as good as they can be. That’s what I’m doing in life, really — trying to make it as good as it can be through experimenting and exploring. Can’t you see that this is what my blog is really about? Experimenting and exploring. I’m trying things and learning, keeping the things that work for me and leaving behind the things that don’t. If you keep coming back to this blog, could you be on a similar road?


9 responses to “Captured: Exploring a twisty back highway”

  1. tomvancel Avatar

    I know what you mean…being vigilant while you take a picture. I once stood in the middle of a street in Paris to get a better picture…suddenly there were cars running all around me blowing horns, making gestures, and screaming “greetings.”

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      Yeah, you have to keep your ears open! :-)

  2. Dennis Wagoner Avatar

    I do the same thing. This week, we are getting senior pictures out for our soon-to-be graduate. I edit those, then go back again and all the time with a pesky teenage daughter looking over my shoulder saying “That doesn’t look like me!”

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      I get it! I decided to skip the professional senior portraits and just shoot my own.

      1. Dennis Wagoner Avatar

        No doubt. I can buy another lens for the money I saved – and I nice one at that.

  3. DougD Avatar

    The best part of this photo is that you can tell exactly where it was shot. You did a much better job than the Google car Jim, must have used a long lens to flatten the scene.

    Southern Indiana doesn’t spring to mind when I think of twisty roads, but looks like a good place for a motorcycle trip.

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      I used an autofocus point-and-shoot camera for this! I think it has a 35mm lens, so a little on the wide side. SR 62 and SR 66 in southern Indiana, where they more or less skirt the Ohio River, are AWESOME drives. Highly recommended.

  4. Andy Umbo Avatar
    Andy Umbo

    If you like roads and scenes like this, you’re talking about the entire state of Wisconsin! I lived there for about half my life, and you can find scenes like this 30 minutes from Milwaukee (heck, you can find them IN Milwaukee county). It’s unfortunate that the employment situation is so low there right now, but I actually miss the beauty of the state and work constantly to figure out how I can move back their in retirement. This brings back memories of just hopping in the car after class with people from my uni photo courses, and driving out in the sticks to take pix of each other and the surrounding countryside.

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      I’ve never been to Wisconsin! I should go.

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