A ring and a date


We’re getting married two months from today!

We’re keeping it simple. We’re inviting just immediate family: our parents, our brothers and sisters, our children, and all of their spouses. That’s still a lot of people — Margaret is seventh of eight children, and between us we have seven children! We’re having a small, short, simple ceremony at a venue near Margaret’s house. And then we’re all going to Margaret’s house for food and music and family for the rest of the day.

Our Irish honeymoon is booked for late summer, so we’ll be returning to normal life on the Monday after our wedding. We haven’t figured out just yet how and when we’ll combine households, so we’ll pretty fluidly live between hers and mine for a while. It’s a nontraditional choice, to be sure, but after considerable discussion we see it’s best for our new combined family for now.


29 thoughts on “A ring and a date

  1. Blending two families is not easy, and I doubt that there is a “right way”. But you will find “your way” and it will work for you.

    When I was young, I was happy that my mother never remarried so that “our family” didn’t get messed with. But looking back, it would have been better for her if she had, and I’m sure we kids would have rolled with it.

    • Fortunately, four of our children are older than 18, so this won’t be -as- hard. I did deliberately wait until my sons were older before I started dating. First things first.

  2. Heartiest congratulations to you and Margaret. Thanks for being so transparent on your blog. I feel like I know you well and am happy you’ve found each other.

  3. Doug Smith says:

    Outstanding! You two were meant to be one. Congratulations, and may your lives be healthy and happy together.

  4. Christopher Smith says:

    Congratulations Jim I wish you all the happiness in world and that you have long an wonderful life together, all the best.

  5. Larry Dimick says:

    Congrats Jim! Hope I get the chance to meet Margaret at some point. Blessings to you both!

  6. DougD says:

    Cool, congratulations.
    My Engineering sensibilities have noticed a correlation between trying to keep it simple and a successful long term relationship, so I’d say you’re on the right track!
    Best wishes for long term success

  7. Scott Bennett says:

    She’s beautiful on the outside, but I think it’s radiating what’s on the inside. Best of luck!

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