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April’s on its way out; here comes May, Roadies! But before we throw in the towel on this month, grab a coffee (or tea, if you’re so inclined) and enjoy this week’s crop of my most-enjoyed blog posts. I’ve got six for you this week!

Mike Connealy has published another book, this time about his pinhole photography. I’ve already ordered my copy! Read New Book

I love old roads — and old photos from old roads. Paul Niedermeyer, writing for Curbside Classic, shares photos from the Lincoln Highway in 1948. Read Vintage Photos: Life On The Road – On US Hwy 30 in 1948

Jeanne Yang grew up in the U.S., but is of Taiwanese descent. She recently visited the place where her parents and grandparents grew up in Taiwan. She tells a fascinating story of the lives they lived there, as Taiwan moved from Japanese rule to Chinese rule. Read Someone Else’s Childhood (in Taiwan)

She is known online only as Peeling Walls, I’m sure because her photographic exploration of abandoned buildings usually constitutes trespassing and she doesn’t want to be too easy to find. She visited a once-lovely arts-and-crafts Detroit library building before it was torn down. The photos are heartbreaking. Read Detroit: Abatement in the Mark Twain library

Seth Godin writes about how groups, as they mature, eventually stop admitting new members. It’s not that they mean to stop, but they become so set in their ways that new members can’t break in. Does this remind you of some church congregations? Read Closing the gate

You’ve seen it: the terrible comments people leave on Facebook, or on news sites, or even on blogs. Jeff Atwood has a solid theory about why people do it. Read They Have To Be Monsters


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