I'm workin' here

Every now and again, a photograph I take pleases me very much. This is one of those photographs. I love how light and dark play to draw the eye onto the woman working this booth. And the boxes of Oreos. That’s accidental. Actually, the whole shot might best be called an accident, as I was working fast. People were milling about and I wanted the worker’s face free and clear.

I shot this last August at the Indiana State Fair, but then forgot all about the film. I discovered it in my Pentax ME on Easter Sunday when I got it down to shoot our traditional Easter service at church. This film is Fujifilm Superia X-tra 800. I don’t love its grain, but it does let me get low-light shots, especially with my 50mm f/1.4 SMC Pentax-M. This fast film and fast lens are just right for night shots under the midway’s bright lights.


Captured: I’m workin’ here!


4 thoughts on “Captured: I’m workin’ here!

  1. Andy Umbo says:

    There’s always been something about those Pentax lenses…even as a “pro” using the Canikon stuff, every time I’d shoot something with a Pentax, or see a Pentax transparency, I’d think: “…Hmm, why does this look so nice…”


    • One thing I have to credit to my ex-wife: she was a determined Pentax film shooter, and it opened my eyes to what SMC Pentax lenses can do. Annnnnd…you can get some outstanding glass for a fraction (on the used market) of what the Canikon stuff goes for. I got this 50 1.4 for about fifty bucks, IIRC.


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