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Happy Saturday, fellow Roadies! Please enjoy the blog posts I enjoyed most this week.

Have you ever been burned out? If so, how did you recover? Jamis Buck, writing for Signal v. Noise, tells of his burnout and recovery — and likens it to his recovery from Bell’s palsy. Read To Smile Again

James Altucher asked a skilled photographer how to take great portraits, and the answer (hint: it’s about connecting with the subject) tells me exactly why I don’t take more photographs of people. It’s way outside my comfort zone. Read How to Be a Great Photographer (and Maybe Everything Else)

Netflix, Prime, Hulu, et al — they all work out to about 10 bucks a month. Enough of those, and you’ve basically got a cable bill again. This isn’t how cutting the cord was supposed to go, says Nick GerlichRead Ten Bucks At A Time

When you get a new old camera, it sometimes needs cleaning, lubrication, and adjustment (CLA) to work like new again. John Smith recommends sending your cameras out to repair experts and names his favorite resources. Read Clean, Lubricate, & Adjust

A person has to want to change. But sometimes the reason a person won’t change is is because they’re in a toxic environment. Camille Fournier asks: If you’re in that environment too, can you help improve the environment? Read You can lead a horse to water…


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