Olympus Stylus Epic Zoom 80
Kodak T-Max 400


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  1. zoran vaskic says:

    Hi Jim,
    Interesting topic, at least for me. First your blog is interesting to me for a few reasons: photos, blog topics, writing style. But I think the prime reason is that I pick up on your personality, which if it were not present, might not have me as interested in spite of the photos or topics blog wise. I know so. You’re lively, curious about life, and seem like a regular person, relate-able and therefore universal. People like that, I like that. Re: writing, I agree honesty is critical. Personally think the time to share scary stuff is when we have come to some peace about it. Certain things should stay quiet, other stuff can help others when shared. To me the timing is critical. Once we have a measure of healing/peace in a tough area, I think we have the best perspective, and can really put it out there with wisdom and confidence. And there can be butterflies, but those are good, and different than fear. To share honestly without fear takes someone who has received real healing inside themself and is not afraid then to share themselves and their thoughts. Finally I think such people are usually interested in others and not just wanting to be paid attention to. They open their life without fear and talk about it not just because they’re self interested, but because they enjoy their life and use it to reach out with genuine interest for others. My two cents.


    • Zoran, thank you very much for this comment. I *have* come to some peace with my past. When I started this blog, I hadn’t yet, and something inside me told me to just not go there. So I didn’t. But now that I’ve worked through it, it seems like it’s okay to leak it out a little here and there.


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