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Yo. Saturday. My favorite blog posts from the week.

Writing for ilovehatephotography, Edward T. shows us a side of China most Westerners never get to see: the rural side. Read Photographing “China B”

I’m currently ashamed to admit that I’ve considered myself a Republican for as long as I’ve been eligible to vote. I hate what the party has become. Writing for Medium, Steve Skeldon says what, I hope, many Republicans are thinking about restoring our party. Read This Is Not My Republican Party

Lignum Draco shares some street photographs he took of people taking photographs. Read At the heart of the image

I’m with Jeffrey Zeldman: stop taking away features from the online software we use, without communicating to us first and giving us a way to communicate back to you. It makes us feel like we don’t matter. Read Pinterest giveth, and Pinterest taketh away


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  1. I do have to say in regard to the “Not my Republican Party” sentiment that the current state of the party should be no surprise. The republicans headed down this road when they adopted Nixon’s southern strategy to take in the democrats who were against the new civil rights legislation. This group has given the republicans the edge in a lot of elections. Running ads like the famous Willie Horton ad to encouraging fears of gays was a sure fire way to get these people to the polls. Now that Trump has taken over this group and dropped all subtlety in pandering to their fears it is all out in the open. Still it is nothing new in the composition of the republican party

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