My bikes

Vintage Schwinn seats
Minolta SR-T 202, 50mm f/1.4 MD Rokkor-X
Kodak Gold 200

Film Photography

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  1. Bill Bussell says:

    Another wonderful picture using a classic film camera. I looked at the flickr pages as well.. The Schwinn bike story interests me. I purchased a 10-speed Schwinn while at University. It was a great bike, but stolen because I kept it chained to a bike rack. Smart people keep bikes in their room. Look at Schwinn bikes to see where they are made. The classic Schwinn was made in Chicago by union United Auto Workers. Schwinn wanted lower wages, so they moved production to a Southern State. No union, lower wages, and bike quality was poor. Schwinn dealers were small private business that sold an exclusive product. Now, Schwinn is made in China and sold by Walmart. Sad.

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