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Happy Saturday, and happy reading from among the best blog posts I read this week.

J. M. Brewer says it well: regardless of your politics, it is the President’s duty to nominate a new Supreme Court justice, and it is the Senate’s duty to vet that nominee and confirm him or her if s/he is qualified. Read The Growing Rift

A half-frame 35mm camera takes 48 small shots on a 24-exposure roll of film. It’s not been my bag, but the stunning results Moni Smith got from hers is making me rethink. Read Olympus Pen on the Oregon Coast

She doesn’t give her name, but her blog is called writing to survive and she wrote a short piece this week that paints a gritty picture of loneliness and human connection. Read The human connection

After reading Stan Carey‘s review of how to pronounce eschew, I think I’ll eschew pronouncing it at all, and use avoid instead. Read How do you pronounce ‘eschew’?

You may never have heard of John Riccardo, former Chrysler executive who died this week. Jim Cavanaugh is a lifelong Chrysler fan and knows Riccardo’s important place in the company’s history, and writes a short tribute to him. What’s most interesting about the tribute is how he learned the most of the man from a podcast his son recorded. Because the best way to know a man who’s no longer with is us through his son. Read Meeting John Riccardo


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    Jim, I am a retired software guy and I’d like to ask you a few questions sometime on software testing. When you have time, could you e-mail me and we can chat.

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