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Happy Saturday! Tomorrow is Down the Road’s ninth blogiversary! Can you believe I’ve been at this for nine years already?

Here’s some reading for you, from my feed reader this week.

How do you appear competent at the things you do? Lots and lots of practice. Michael Lopp, writing as Rands, uses hockey to illustrate. Read The Illusion of Competence

Marzi drew a delightful comic that nails what it’s like to grow up introverted. Spoiler: everybody wants you to be different. Read I just want to be me

I’ve taken an interest of late in box cameras that take 120 film, and so Daniel J. Schneider‘s post this week about the art-deco Spartus “120” was right on time. And what a beauty it is. Read Spartus “120” Box Camera: An Art Deco Masterpiece

Photographer James Tocchio gives great encouragement to the budding photographer: Just shoot the gear you have, have fun, and don’t worry about anybody else. Read Not Everyone Needs a Leica


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