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Here’s your weekly roundup of the blog posts I thought were especially interesting over the past week.

Do you see what I see, an uproar and clamor harder than ever before for returning to values of a past that no longer exists? That our longtime status quo is shifting somehow? Jane London sees it, and casts it against our tribal nature and concludes that our tribes are shifting and it scares us. The answer, she says, is to just be true to who you are, whoever you are becoming. Read Are you, you?

Nick Gerlich has it right: the young generation wants to live downtown, not out in the ‘burbs, and it’s changing the car-crazy dynamic this nation has had for a century. Read Driving Force

We like to think that grit and hard work are all we need to succeed, but the truth is, we all also need support, good breaks, and luck to make it. Photojournalist John Harte tells a compelling story of how his parents, who barely scraped by, made sure he went to college and was able to step into a bright future. Read A visit home and a picture I’ve been meaning to shoot

Lucky people are lucky for a reason, says Nathan Kontny, writing for Signal v. Noise. He uses the life of actor James Garner, who passed away last year, to illustrate his point. Read Why are some people so much luckier than others?


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