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I find them, you read them: the best posts my feed reader shared with me this week.

Raise your hand if you can identify: you stress so much over planning an event that you fail to enjoy the event. Penelope Trunk sure did that over her son’s bar mitzvah. It caused her to reflect for a moment and decide it’s time to stop wondering whether she’s good enough. Read I can see my future, and something needs to change

I don’t normally deal in politics here, but I liked Tom Cochrun‘s take on the populist Presidential candidates, Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders, enough that I’m going to take the chance. His premise: Donald resonates with those who go to TV and social media to be entertained. Bernie resonates with those who seek to be informed. Read Entertained Or Informed?

Johanna Rothman claims that if you’re afraid to learn something new, you’re really afraid of being vulnerable. She urges you not to let this fear into your life. Read When Is It Too Late to Start?

Even for a man who doesn’t care what his hair looks like, finding the right person to cut his hair matters a lot. Jim Cavanaugh writes about frustrating experiences finding the right barber shop. (My stylist, Michael, has cut my hair for years now and frankly I hope he never dies.) Read Another Bad Hair Day


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  1. hmunro Avatar

    I’m sick already of reading about The Donald, so I *almost* skipped Tom Cochrun’s piece — but I’m so glad I didn’t! That’s a great bit of analysis there, and an observation I hadn’t heard before. Bravo! I also loved Jim Cavanaugh’s wistful look at the golden age of barbers. That one sent me down the “what ever happened to the art of good conversation?” rabbit hole. So many things are changing in our society — many of them for the better — but I do worry that many of us seem to be losing our ability to connect and interact. Anyway. Thank you for another great collection of thought-provoking reads, Jim!

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