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Happy birthday to my dad, Jim Grey, Jr., who turns 75 today! Meanwhile, here are the blog posts I liked most this week.

Luca Sartoni has a very useful perspective on handling failure, which he learned from his GPS unit. Seriously. Read Living a TomTom life

The context in which, and the intentions with which, art is made can’t usually transmit through the art itself. So when a wonderful portrait Heather Munro made with her camera was called “poverty porn,” it stung. Read Portrait … or poverty porn?

Once upon a time, the big three TV networks reigned supreme, at least in terms of viewership. Not so much anymore. Ken Levine breaks down what happened. Read Once upon a time…


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  1. Bob Dungan Avatar
    Bob Dungan

    Thanks Jim. I particularly liked Portrait … or poverty porn? and the comments on it.

  2. hmunro Avatar

    Jeepers, Jim. Luca Sartoni’s post is *brilliant* — proof that the simplest lessons can be told in 200 words. I can’t guarantee that he’ll actually prevent me from cussing and throwing things the next time I screw up, but hopefully his analogy will at least help me get back on track. I also loved Ken Levine’s blog (especially after a bit of binge-reading). May just have to rejoin the Blogger platform to better follow him. And what’s this about “poverty porn”? I’m truly honored when something I write resonates with you. Thank you so much …

  3. Prosper B. Wealth Avatar

    I’m now heading straight to living a tom tom life

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