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It’s my year-end tradition to highlight the year’s posts that were most read, commented, and liked.

Popular in 2015.

But first, some reflections on the year. If I’m judging solely by number of visits, 2015 was the best year ever at Down the Road, with nearly twice as many visits as last year. But almost one in four visits to this blog were to one post: this one about where you can get film developed. It’s a top-ten result for most searches that include “film” and “develop.”

While I love to see lots of visits to my blog, the main reason I write it is because you read it, and you sometimes comment or click Like. It’s enormously satisfying to know that people I’d never encounter otherwise find my thoughts and interests to be interesting.

Here are my five favorite posts from 2015. Unfortunately, my favorite posts are seldom the most viewed, commented, or Liked. So if you don’t remember these, do go read them; I poured my heart into them.

My recent story about the destroyed historic bridge was the most popular post of the year, but film photography with old cameras rounded out the most-read posts I wrote in 2015.

  • 1880 Paoli bridge, destroyed — This post from this past Monday got linked on a couple popular sites and got a lot of views in a short time.
  • Olympus Trip 35, revisited — I hadn’t shot my Olympus Trip 35 for years. I’m a much better photographer now. So I shot and reviewed it again through fresh eyes.
  • Shooting Fujifilm Superia X-tra 400 — Search drove a lot of views of this review of a fast color film.
  • Sears KS Super II — Who would have thought that this simple 35mm SLR from Sears, of all places, would be such a satisfying performer?
  • Canon T70 — Despite being made largely of plastic, this 35mm SLR is capable and fun to use.

You had the most to say about these posts.

My photo posts led you to click the Like button most often in 2015.

These are the most-viewed posts of all time at Down the Road:

Thanks for reading Down the Road!


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  1. Sam Avatar

    Great links Jim! It will be good for my New Year’s weekend reading! I actually came across your article when looking for places that might still do APS film. Thanks for all your good work!!

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      Glad you found me!

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