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As we head into Christmas, here’s a smattering of blog posts I enjoyed this week from all around the ‘Net.

Denny Gibson took a holiday historic-home tour in Dayton, anchored by a neighborhood brewpub. Even though I gave up beer a few years ago, I’d love to live in a neighborhood so anchored. Read The Brewery’s Neighborhood

I don’t know if I’d call myself old yet — I’m firmly on the backside of middle age — but I do agree with Jaye Watson: getting old is a good gig. Read 7 Awesome Things About Getting Old

Even if you don’t remember character-actor Fritz Feld, best known for a popping sound he made, you’ll enjoy Mark Evanier‘s story about the times he met him and got him to make his signature sound. Read How To Be Pop!-ular

Johanna Rothman lives with chronic vertigo. She finds walking downhill to be challenging; she has to plan carefully. She finds that it’s like downhill skiing — she has to look for the “fall lines,” the best way down. She finds life is much like that, too. She explains. Read Where Are Your Fall Lines?

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