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On this unusually warm December Saturday, please enjoy these, my favorite blog posts from around the Internet this week.

Writing for 52 Rolls, Peter DeGraaf writes of Queensland, and how it’s just a little different from the rest of Australia. Read Queensland

Joseph Irvin lives in Colorado Springs, where the mass shooting near the Planned Parenthood happened recently. He photographed a press conference, a candlelight vigil, and the motorcade honoring the police officer who was killed — all on film, in black and white. Read In memory of the fallen

Ever had something important stolen from you? Mr. Money Mustache’s bike, his primary form of transportation, was stolen (or so he thought). He routinely left it unlocked. And when he reflected on it, he decided to keep it that way — because he values a carefree life over a riskproof life. Read Lessons Learned from Having My Bike Stolen

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to have your appendix burst? Apparently, it involves buying red boots and going to an indie-rock concert. evany, writing for Medium, spills the details. Warning: not for the faint of heart. But it’s funny. Read How to know if your appendix is bursting


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