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More more more, I hear you ask: more of my favorite blog posts! Let it not be said that I am stingy, as this week I’m sharing six. That’s 17% more than I’ve shared in any week before!

A woman in Cairo, who I know only as sunnyrap, wrote a moving blog post about how tough times helped her grow up and into the woman she was always meant to be. Read The art of Wabi-Sabi (or things you will learn later in your life)

I’ve read David Lacy‘s blog for many years now and feel like I know him in a way. And so I was angered for him to read of how video of an attempted murder on the NBC Nightly News crushed him to his core. Read Master, the Tempest is Raging

Luca Sartoni shares a delightfully written tale of his career in technology. “If the top of a mountain is the goal, many people enjoy hiking uphill, breathing fresh air, sweating, and romanticizing the effort of getting there. I would make friends with locals, so I can learn the most convenient way to get on top, and maybe catch a ride on a gondola.” Read How I Built a Career in the Tech Industry Writing Horrible Code

How to reframe guilt into gratitude. Jaye Watson has built this skill and teaches you this week of Thanksgiving. Read A Thanksgiving Stuffed with Guilt

Simple kindness and acceptance. It always lifts us up, and we never forget it. Dawn tells a lovely story about one such moment she experienced at a high-school dance. Read That one dance

David Heinemeier Hansson dreamed of riches while growing up with little. And then it happened: Jeff Bezos bought a small stake in his software company. He was shocked to find how fast he adapted to it, which only clarified what really made him happy. Read The day I became a millionaire


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