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Here are the blog posts I liked most this week. Because YOU demanded it!

“Evil can take away life, but it can’t extinguish the truth — that much of our existence is a miracle, one I will never fully understand.” Jaye Watson on how she’s processed last week’s events in Paris. Read On 8 point bucks and Paris

Friend of the blog Derek Wong spent some time in Grand Rapids recently with his Rolleiflex twin-lens reflex camera, and got some wonderful black-and-white photographs. Read Wandering around Grand Rapids with a TLR

When you’re using the Bible to justify your human reasoning, you’re doing Christianity wrong. K. Rex Butts asks us instead to be transformed to live more like Jesus. Read When Our Reasoning Fails Us

The traditional department store has been dying painfully slowly for about 40 years now. Dr. Nick Gerlich tells about the latest nails in its coffin. Read Wrong Department


7 thoughts on “Recommended reading

  1. hmunro says:

    Yes! We, your faithful readers, DEMAND your weekly round-up. Thank you (once again) for giving in to our demands. :) I was especially struck this week by the juxtaposition between Jaye Watson’s thoughtful piece and Derek Wong’s beautiful photos. Thank you for the thought fodder, Jim.

    • Coming up with the opening blurb each week is surprisingly tedious! Only way to cope is to try to have fun with it. So glad you enjoy my weekly roundup.

  2. Another who enjoys your weekly bag of recommendations. Always a great variety of good reads. And I agree with dehk – once you make Jim Grey’s cut, you’ve hit the big time. :)

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