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The bicycles of Knightstown

Knightstown, pop. 2,182, isn’t what you’d call a big town. But it’s the biggest one Henry County has to offer along the National Road, which cuts across the very bottom of the county. It’s a typical Indiana small town, with most buildings fronting the main drag built within 20 years either way of 1900. What makes Knightstown stand out to the person just passing through is the bicycles.

The bicycle planters of Knightstown

Chained to every pillar and post, a basket or tub or pot sits on each one, filled with flowers. Mums, actually, given that it was autumn when I passed through.

The bicycle planters of Knightstown

Each is painted a bright color — not just the body, but the tires, the chains, the gears, the seat, everything.

Bicycle planter

But it’s a clever idea that makes Knightstown stand out.

The bicycle planters of Knightstown


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