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Every Saturday morning I share the blog posts I enjoyed most from the week.

Amanda Hill writes of falling in love, even though her “religion” was supposed to be a barrier to him, but then it wasn’t. Read Let love prevail over religion

His real name is Matthew Inman, but you probably know him as The Oatmeal. And this week, he wrote and drew a lovely reminder that no matter how much of a downward spiral you might be on, it’s going to be okay. Read It’s going to be okay.

James Altucher tells you what to do when life shoots you in the gut: power through. Read What To Do When You’ve Been Shot In The Gut

On a more lighthearted note, David Lacy tells a tale of drag-racing his dad’s ’50 Ford. Read The Grey Flash

Writing for Medium, Esko Kilpi writes about how we assume that world leaders make things happen, but really, it’s complex human interactions at the individual level. Read Complexity


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