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Schönen Samstag! Hier sind die Blog-Posts, die ich in dieser Woche gerne gelesen habe. (English translation: Happy Saturday! Here are the blog posts that I enjoyed reading this week.)

Philip Greenspun tells of a friend who works in tech and took an enormous pay raise to move from the Midwest to Silicon Valley — and found his standard of living in sharp decline. It makes me even gladder to make software in Indianapolis. Read A conservative is a liberal who has been mugged, Silicon Valley edition

A downturn in CVS’s merchandise sales correlates with their decision to stop selling cigarettes early last year. Nick Gerlich compares CVS’s principled stand to that of Chick-Fil-A, which is closed Sundays — and why Chick-Fil-A gets away with it, when CVS probably can’t. Read Feel The Burn

Nguyen Park writes a paean to a sandwich. Not just any sandwich, but genuine Vietnamese Bánh mì. Read Ode to Bánh mì

My previous job was with a software startup that wanted to be the next unicorn that made its founders super rich and its employees anywhere from rich to comfortable. It could be brutal. David Heinemeier Hansson says nuts to it: build a software company that makes money but values having a good life along the way. DHH: can I work for you? :-) Read RECONSIDER


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  1. nick Avatar

    meine Lieblingslektüre der Woche auf Deutsch.

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      Jetzt mit bessere Buchstabierung.

      1. nick Avatar

        German is just too horribly complicated to give useful corrections via bloganswers.
        But if you ever happen to be around here I’m shure willing to help polish yours up a bit :=))
        Maybe Olympia 2024 if we get it in Hamburg?
        In the mean time try it with “besserer” Buchstabierung.

        1. Jim Grey Avatar

          Besserer — bestimmt! It’s been a long time, but once I was functionally fluent. Lived in Krefeld for a while in 1984. Nothing like living in a place to learn the language.

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