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Welcome to my weekly Saturday digest of Good Stuff™ I found in the blogosphere.

The good old days weren’t always good, and tomorrow ain’t as bad as it seems. Nick Gerlich didn’t write that, Billy Joel did. But Gerlich did write a solid post asking us to turn on our BS directors when the politicians and pundits tell us things are worse now than ever. Read It’s All About Meme

Writing for Signal v. Noise, David Heinemeier Hansson hates the “anti-poaching” practices companies sometimes employ. I am subject to one right now: as a condition of hire at my previous company, I agreed in writing not to hire any of their employees away for a full year after leaving. Hansson calls for it to end. Read Poaching is for animals, not employees

“The world is full of brilliant people who are unfailingly kind and generous with their time. Each moment that you aren’t spending with these people is a moment wasted.” Michael Lopp, writing as Rands, remembers a friend and colleague upon his passing. Read A Small Grey Leaf

A writer I know only as rustichello grew up with a sometimes abusive father. This is his story of how the cycle of abuse ends with him. Read sixteen kinds of hurt


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