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Imagine the theme from Rawhide playing as you enjoy this week’s roundup of my favorite blog posts.

David Lacy found a volunteer dogwood tree growing in his yard. He let it be until he found it was destroying his garden — but simple removal wasn’t enough to end the destruction. He uses it as a metaphor for things we let into our lives. Read Flower or Weed?

Remember my giant No. 3A Autographic Kodak camera, which takes long-discontinued 122 film? Well, Tony Kemplen got one in perfect condition and figured out how to use still-available 120 film in it. He got some great results! Read Photos from Week 300 — No. 3A Kodak Autographic and Photos from Week 300 — No. 3A Kodak Autographic

Maybe she was in real danger and maybe she wasn’t when she got into that smelly Uber car in a distant city. But as a writer I know only as puneybones is right to point out, when that voice in your head says “Danger!” you should always listen to it. Always. Read Vulnerable Positions

It sounds like Jared Friedman had a summer kind of like mine: between gigs, catching up with people he knows. He talks about the good that comes from doing this — especially for middle-aged men. Read 200 Coffees


9 thoughts on “Recommended reading

  1. Miles Robinson says:

    Hey Jim I was wondering if you can get my Request to make another video in Indianapolis on lovely beautiful Kessler Boulevard again and by the way jim I live in Indianapolis. and make it goodier this time and show all of the footage. cause honstely the Autumn on Kessler Boulevard wasn’t that great.

  2. I recall seeing many rolls of 122 coming through for processing at H. Lieber photo lab. Most of it was Kodak Verichrome Pan. I worked at Lieber when I was in high school/university. They had all Hooks, Haags, and many independent drug store film processing coming through 440 N. Capitol. Most of this was from driven route pickup. I wish I had bought some of this film when it was available. I have a camera that used 122. Years ago I used 4 x 5 sheet film in it for a few test pictures. Cheers

    • Doesn’t surprise me a bit that most of the 122 you saw was VP! Good old VP. I miss it. You’re a hardy soul to repurpose 4×5 into a 122 camera.

  3. hmunro says:

    Thank you (once again) for your wonderfully curated reads, Jim. I especially loved “Flower or Weed?” — both because I’m fighting a thousand actual cherry saplings in my real garden, and because I’ve been hard at work battling a couple of insidious bad habits in my metaphorical back yard. Like the best lessons, it’s a powerful truth, simply told. And how chilling was puneybones’ story about her Über experience? I’ll be thinking about that one for a long time, and I hope I remember her lesson to listen to my gut if ever I find myself in a similar situation.

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