Moo 2

Resting cow at the fair
Nikon Nikomat FTn, 50mm f/2 Nikkor H-C
Arista Premium 400


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  1. Sam Avatar

    Great results from this camera/lens/film combo! You remind me that I should get more Arista film!

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      I found this roll in the bottom of a camera bag that contained some old SLR I bought. Who knows how expired it was!

      1. Sam Avatar

        Jim, I think that adds to the fun of it! :-)

  2. Bob Dungan Avatar
    Bob Dungan

    I love going to the fair and seeing all the farm animals.

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      I went three times this year trying to take everything in!

      1. Bob Dungan Avatar
        Bob Dungan

        The Virginia State Fair was supposed to run ten days but shutdown three days early because of a nor’easter that rained for days on end. We had bought season tickets and only went three days. Oh well there is always next year.

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