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Like death and taxes, you can count on my Saturday-morning roundup of interesting blog posts. Except this week I was out of town, and didn’t have as much time to read as usual. So this week’s list is short.

Why have we not learned it yet? Fighting what consumers want is a losing battle. Writing for Signal v. Noise, David Heinemeier Hansson explains why ad blockers are the hot app for iOS 9: because people never liked invasive ads that track them. Read Disruption is better when it’s other people’s jobs

I don’t have daughters, but I still liked what Penelope Trunk had to say about the things we should teach our young women. Read Homeschool curriculum for young women

Jim Cavanaugh give a bried history of the Papacy and of how Pope Benedict fits in — and doesn’t fit in. It’s a very useful read, especially for non-Catholics like me. Read So What Is This Pope Business, Anyway


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