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It’s Saturday, so it’s time for my weekly roundup of the blog posts I enjoyed most all week.

Emily Sullivan Sanford explores the notion of health, and the dysfunctional ways Westerners approach it: as a sign of one’s morality. Read What Do You Think Of When You See The Word “Healthy”?

It’s too easy to assume idyll in rural life. Richard Davies dispels it with a wonderfully written personal memoir of a remote Irish town. Read A Rural Idyll in Steady Decline

I’m not Catholic, and I don’t play one on TV. Jaye Watson is Catholic, but probably doesn’t say so in her job as a TV news reporter. She calls herself a “bad Catholic” who loves Pope Francis for shaking up the church. Read What Francis Means to Bad Catholics Like Me

Photographer Mitch Zeissler offers some solid advice about what camera to choose. Hint: go small. Read Recommended Photo Gear — In Praise of Small Cameras


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  1. jacullman Avatar

    I need to check out the Zeissler book. Been using my iPhone camera since September of 2013 when my husband and I went backpacking through France (sounds pretty rugged, right? Nahh… Did it in order to avoid luggage surcharges). My ‘real’ camera is only 6 years old but it’s heavy and clunky and just too much of a pain to carry around. The iPhone has spoiled me. It is cool and convenient – but the lack of a viewfinder is a real turn-off. Sometimes a person just wants to take pictures – or at least SEE what they are shooting — and a gadget doesn’t satisfy. Some apps improve the shooting experience (Fast Camera) and in-phone editing (Camera+)…still..

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      I really like the Canon PowerShot S95,100,110,120 series. I have an S95 and it is a wonderful, little camera. It has no viewfinder, but the screen is good and bright and doesn’t wash out in direct sun, so it works. I’ve shot thousands of photos with it and just can’t get over how good it is.

      If you really want a viewfinder, you’re probably stuck with a big, clunky DSLR.

      Nice to see you ’round these parts. I miss your writing.

      1. jacullman Avatar

        Thanks for the tip – I’ll check out the Canon PowerShot series. I guess it’s the nature of the be
        ast – DSLR viewfinder = large, clunky.

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