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Welcome to my Saturday-morning roundup of the blog posts I liked best all week.

My friend and colleague N. Scott Palmer wrote a gentle, cogent, and well-reasoned treatise this week on the nature of equality, and how it obliges us to behave. Read All People are Equal — Mostly

Gerald Greenwood visited a military cemetery in England, where he lives, and came away with some fine photographs. One photo captures a marker of an Indiana soldier who died during WW I. Read Brookwood Military Cemetery

Newspaper photographer John Harte wrote a great memoir of the day he covered Magic Johnson’s announcement that he was HIV positive and was retiring from basketball. It was one of the most important sports and cultural stories of the last 50 years. Read November 7, 1991: “Magic Johnson might have AIDS”

When I explored US 36 in western Indiana several years ago, I didn’t know about a great ca. 1875 Whipple truss iron bridge that carried the highway’s first alignment. It still stands, about 100 yards south of the modern highway, just west of Danville in Hendricks County. Dennis Wagoner stopped to photograph it and tell its story. Read U.S. 36 Bridge

Claire Lew, writing for Signal v. Noise, tells of a big mistake her company made, one that revealed private data to the users of the software they make — and how they handled it. It’s a model response. Check it out. Read What kind of company are you?


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  1. Dennis Wagoner Avatar

    Thank you for the recommendation Jim. I enjoyed the other links too – some very interesting posts!

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