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Every Saturday, I share the blog posts I read all week that I enjoyed. Here’s this week’s roundup.

I heard it said once that if marriage is like gluing two boards together, divorce is like prying them apart again: there’s no way to do it without considerable damage. Amanda Hill writes a brilliant piece about not just recovering from the damage, but soaring into a satisfying new life. Read The closet years

Television writer Ken Levine writes a funny story about brown tuxedos at a black-tie event. Read What NOT to wear at a music award show

It’s a tale of a troubled airliner that made an emergency landing, and of the pilots hailed as heroes. But Phillip Greenspun asks: what of the programmers who designed the auto-landing system the pilots used? And what of the engineers who designed the windshield, which was cracked but did not break, preventing certain doom? Read Want to be a hero? Be a pilot and not an engineer.

Seems like every time Jaye Watson posts to her blog, I like it so much that I share it here. This time, she writes about a couple of punches thrown, one between children and one, of a different kind, from child to mom. Read The Punch


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