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I turn 48 today.

I’ve known many people who wring their hands over the birthdays that end in zero. They’re milestones of getting old, after all. But none of them have bothered me so far — certainly not 20, but also not 30, not 40.

Some odd birthdays have troubled me unexpectedly. 33 was tough. I felt I couldn’t avoid anymore that I was firmly in my adult years. I wasn’t sure I always liked it.

Last year’s birthday, 47, hit me hard too. To my surprise, because my middle years have been the best of my life. But where 46 was “middle aged,” 47 felt like “pushing 50,” and something about 50 feels more old than middle aged. I’m sure that if you’re significantly older than 50, you’re chuckling over that statement. But it got me down for a bit.

I’m good with it now. And if 47 is “pushing 50,” 48 is on the downhill slide, hurtling headlong, picking up speed. Look out, I’m throwing in the clutch.


13 thoughts on “48

  1. Richard Armstrong says:

    Jim, It really does fell like it’s downhill once you turn 65, so hang in there you have plenty of really good years to go yet

  2. First, a happy birthday to you. And I see your point. I remember having a similar reaction whenever hitting the “8” of a given decade of age. At 47, I still felt I was in the “mid” stage of my 40s. But 48 was “late 40s” any way I looked at it. Maybe this has been my way of making peace with the decade to come, because like you, the “big 0” years have not been bad for me.

  3. Bob Burt says:

    It’s only a number! I’m 76 & really enjoying getting to know again the great cameras I knew as a youngster. Nikon, Zeiss, Exakta, Minolta SRT, Spotmatic,
    Enjoy your work – Bob

  4. Christopher Smith says:

    Happy Birthday Jim, my 48th seem a long time ago as I’m now 60 but I don’t feel like I’m 60.

  5. Well, at this rate, it’s going to be an awfully long downhill slide – but happy Birthday anyway. Hope it’s the beginning of heaps of good things.

  6. Bob Dungan says:

    Congrats on your birthday. My dad told me he never felt he was as old as he was until he hit 80. May you hit 80 and then some.

  7. ambaker49 says:

    Nothing like a great birthday to ease “the pain”. When I hit milestone birthdays, it helped to remind myself that I was really only one day older than the previous day. And considering the alternative, it feels pretty good.

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