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Another Saturday, another roundup of the blog posts I liked best this week.

Writing for 52 Rolls, Peter DeGraaf writes of losing his friend Zim, a 28-year-old Arabian horse. Read Farewell Zim

I miss Alex Lickerman‘s blog. He’s a Buddhist physician with piercing perspectives. He used to write weekly, but now only infrequently. This week, he updated a good post from long ago, about end-of-life choices. Read Decision Making at the End of Life, Redux

A fellow I know only as David35mm writes a paean to the crappy photograph: the misframed, misexposed, misfocused kind that we used to take with our film cameras, but which have disappeared in the take-it-again digital age. Read Summer and the Art of the Crappy Photo

Tina Gasperson writes about how if God made you and loves you, then you are worthy of love on Earth — even and especially from yourself. Understanding and embracing this can really propel your faith. Read Love Yourself First — It’s Not a Sin


5 responses to “Recommended reading”

  1. Maureen Avatar

    a good line-up

  2. Walter Czyz Avatar
    Walter Czyz

    Love the crappy photo! It’s a shame it wasn’t accompanied by any said crappy photos…..
    The crappy photo is something I haven’t thought about since going digital and it’s a shame the current generation and on will never know what it means or the feeling. I’m sure there will be and are people everywhere looking at these crappy photos and thinking, “people back them sure did’t know how to take good pictures!”. Similar to how we look at victorian era and older photos and wonder “why didn’t people smile back then?”. I believe everyone should try taking a few pictures with the rear screen powered off. How about a “Crappy Photo” mode in addition to these we”l make the thinking for you modes…… : )

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      That’s what lomography is all about!

  3. Gerald Avatar

    I just wanted to say thanks for posting these every week. In recent months I’ve found some good blogs that are now regular reads. Cheers!

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      Excellent — my nefarious plan is working.

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