Lady Ornament

Sexual objectification as automotive ornamentation — this flying lady, low breasts proudly protruding, meant to convey fluid motion on this 1930s Buick.

Can you imagine anything like this on a modern automobile? Imagine the uproar! While I wish we Americans would get over being so easily offended, I think it’s for the best that a nubile hood ornament would be socially unacceptable now.

Our aversion is odd when you consider how easy it is to find porn today. And it’s not like cars have hood ornaments anymore. We Americans are a mass of self-contradiction.

Lady ornament • Nikon F2AS • 50mm f/2 AI-Nikkor • Kodak T-Max 400 • May, 2014

Film Photography, Old Cars

Favorite Photos Week: Lady ornament


2 thoughts on “Favorite Photos Week: Lady ornament

  1. Awesome pic! Aside from being outdated, one fact is that America no longer builds anything worthy of such as piece. Gone are the days of automotive grace, elegance and charm in favor of econoboxes hardly worthy of a name at all.

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