Old US 36

I never expected to find that this old alignment of US 36 was a dirt road. But I go to find the unexpected.

Current US 36 lay 500 feet away, but here it was middle-of-nowhere quiet. I felt not just secluded, but exposed. I wondered how friendly the landowner was. I thought it might be entirely too easy to make a trespasser disappear.

But I lingered anyway, enjoying the tension. I took my time framing this photograph, which I’ve always loved. A copy hangs framed on the wall of my home office.

Old US 36 • Kodak EasyShare Z730 • May, 2007


Favorite Photos Week: Old US 36


6 thoughts on “Favorite Photos Week: Old US 36

  1. Speaking of US36,

    On your main site you have a page up for 36 just east of Danville, the old alignment, that goes by the storage units. You have photos of mounds, tracing a telephone pole line that you supposed is the OLD Old US 36…

    But what you actually have photos of is the remnants of the Terre Haute, Indianapolis, and Eastern Interurban which followed the old US36 alignment. Although likely replaced at some point in their hostory, the poleline is the original THIE powerline tbat the interurbans drew power from. Power companies used the upper parts for carrying electric.

    On the Danville side, the Interurban continued straight from the hospital, across what is now housing, and jumped Ellis Park on bridge and fill. The Interurban then went up Columbia St, turned South, crossed 36 at Dairy Queen, and used what is now Hackleman Auto as their Depot. At one time, it was intended to continue south, and connect to the THI&E line between Plainfield and Terre Haute, the route was mapped and thwre are ghost bridges, but the track never built.

    For US36, it my have continued a touch farther along the THIE on either end, but I only know of one highway fill on the east side, but I do know it never went over the park

    • Thank you so much for filling in some of this history! Sometimes when I’m on the ground I have to make some conclusions based on the evidence that’s available to me, and sometimes I don’t get it exactly right.

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