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Welcome to Saturday! And welcome to August. Enjoy the blog posts I liked most this week.

Gerald Greenwood likes cemeteries. And cheesy British horror movies. (I didn’t know there was such a genre!) And when the two come together, it’s magic. Read Kensal Green Cemetery

It sounds counter to the American narrative, but a kid can’t actually be anything s/he wants to be. Some things require extraordinary talent or extraordinary preparation, and a ton of good luck. Penelope Trunk elaborates. Read Essential advice to kids: You cannot be anything you want to be

Every july in London, the chaps come out to play. Stephen Dowling calls it “a celebration of style over skill and sartorial elegance over sports kit.” I call it perfect! Read The Chap Olympiad 2015

Jeff Atwood tells of his programming epiphany: “I slowly, painfully learned that the truly difficult part of coding is dealing with the thousands of ways things can go wrong with your application at any given time.” Sadly, too many programmers never learn this. Read Doing Terrible Things to Your Code


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