Minolta Hi-Matic 7

I have more cameras than I can possibly shoot. That’s why I’ve been slowly listing many of them on eBay and shipping them off to collectors and photographers who might actually enjoy them. One by one, I’m reducing my collection to just those cameras I enjoy shooting and those with which I’ve formed some emotional connection.

My Minolta Hi-Matic 7 falls into both categories. It was the first camera I bought when I started collecting again in 2007, which gives it a special place in my heart. I’ve shot it but twice: in 2008 and again in 2011. The first time, I couldn’t find a battery for it so I tried shooting Sunny 16 for the first time. I was lucky to get usable photographs. But in 2011 I did find a battery so I could use its autoexposure system. Also, I’d gotten better as a photographer. With that roll I learned that my Hi-Matic 7 is a wonderful performer. I got stunning color and sharpness. See the entire gallery, good and bad, here. I photographed the camera in 2008 using my Kodak EasyShare Z730 Zoom.


Captured: Rokkor PF


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  1. Bill Bussell says:

    I really enjoy your posts, and they help me look at the world differently. You have identified another of my favorite cameras in the Minolta. I worked for a group of weekly newspapers in the previous Century. I was a writer, editor, and general cook and bottle washer. I had the responsinbilty to process and print pictures taken by other staff with their Minolta cameras similar to yours. I was impressed with the eye-ball cutting sharpness of the lens. The Minolta Autocord is another eye cutter. Please, do you have any suggestions for best marketing practice for old cameras? I have a few I would like to liquidate. I have noticed that bay prices are not good for a seller at the moment. Cheers

    • I’m betting that weekly newspaper gig was a lot of fun.

      Right now I have several camera listed on eBay and am finding that they’re not going for as much as I want. I wish I knew a better way.

      • Arne says:

        I think the main reason you are not getting what you anticipated for your cameras on eBay right now is due to timing. The big buying times for cameras is June (before the summer season) and of course the fall before the holidays. Last year I did some research and discovered a great deal of activity on eBay during June, which drops off over the 4th of July, and then just tanks during August. The flip side is buying at bargain prices right now. I won a Kodak Signet 35 for $6 plus shipping just yesterday as I was one of just 2 bidders.

        • Hm, how interesting — I would never have thought that film cameras would have seasonal demand. Maybe I should wait until September to list any more of my cameras.

  2. Those little Rokkor lenses are sharp. I just followed you on Flickr. :) I love my Minolta Hi-Matic 7s. Recently I’ve also acquired a Canonet G-III 17 and a Yashica Electro 35 GS. All classic rangefinder cameras, bought locally, not on eBay. In my opinion, it’s easy to spot someone’s listing on eBay that is selling a classic versus garbage. I always look for keywords: meter works, no light leaks, and recently tested. When a seller says something like, “I’m not a camera person,” or “This was given to me and I know nothing about it,” you’re taking a chance. Is $5 – $20 worth the chance? Maybe. My point is, if you’re selling on “the Bay,” don’t just give buyers the camera specs, give them some camera history. “I’ve owned this since 2002, had it CLA’d in 2007, no battery corrosion, comes from a non-smoking home.”

    • Lately the cameras I’ve been selling are of the “for parts, as is” variety. But yes, I do get better results when I tell about my experience with the camera.

      I’ve always been a bargain hunter, and so sometimes I’ll buy from someone who doesn’t know anything about what he’s selling. I do get a clunker from time to time that way. (I’m currently clearing those out at fire-sale prices.) But I’m down to just a handful of must-buy cameras now, and I do believe I will be looking for ones that are known good, and paying the premium for it.

  3. Bob Dungan says:

    I have a 7s I really like. The meter still works and does a fine job. I need to start putting some of my excess cameras on eBay too.

    • I’ve come upon a couple 7s examples over the years but have never bought one because I assume it’s not that different from my 7. Man, should I ever load this sucker up and shoot it again. What a great camera.

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