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Pent-up road-trip desire

I can’t believe it’s late July and I haven’t made a road trip yet. So far this road-trip season, every weekend has been booked — or rainy. It’s been such a wet spring and summer here!

IN SR 62 by Harrison-Crawford State Forest
State Road 62, Harrison County, Indiana, Sept. 2006

My road-trip goals are modest this year. First, I want to drive the Michigan Road from south to north, and then from north to south, through Shelby and Marion Counties to see that all of the Michigan Road Historic Byway signs are correctly placed along the route.

Stone bridge, Michigan Road

I’d also like to drive the Lafayette Road, an 1830s route that connects Indianapolis with Lafayette, about 60 miles to the northwest. It was paved in concrete in the 1920s, but was widened to four lanes by the late 1930s, and then was supplanted in some places by I-65 in the 1960s. Bits of concrete remain in Indianapolis, and a short, old four-lane section lies abandoned near an I-65 exit.

Gravel National Road segment, Putnam Co, Indiana

So here’s hoping my weekends start to open up and the rain lets up so I can hit the road.


6 thoughts on “Pent-up road-trip desire

    • Given that I’ve worked just part time this summer, I’ve actually gotten to enjoy it like no other since I was probably 21 years old. It’s not that it hasn’t been busy, but that I’ve just had time to stop and smell the roses. If I’ve wanted to take an afternoon walk, I just did. So I feel fortunate to have gotten to really enjoy this summer.

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