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Another Saturday morning, another set of blog posts I enjoyed. Grab your coffee and read along.

College classmate Bill Eccles thinks we’re all too easily offended today, and too quick to label others who don’t fully agree with our political beliefs. His solution: seek to understand, even if you continue to disagree. Read #StopTheLabels

Television writer and director Ken Levine tells why he thinks Phil Silvers, in his Sgt. Bilko character, was pure comedic genius. Read My salute to Sgt. Bilko

After six years in an Iranian prison, mostly for things he wrote on his blog, Hossein Derakhshan (writing for Medium) laments that thanks to the likes of Facebook and Twitter, lone voices struggle to build strong audiences now. Read The Web We Have to Save

Dawn couldn’t figure out what that dead-skunk smell was. Or why she started having mysterious health issues. Turns out she lived for a year unknowingly next to a … well, you’re going to have to read it to find out. Read “Fiberglass” Sales


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