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Happy Independence Day! Here are this week’s best blog posts, chosen by me:

I like to be 100% prepared before I make a move. But sometimes an opportunity comes and goes while I’m preparing. Seth Godin uses a great game-show metaphor to help people like me get past this: sometimes you have to press the buzzer before you know the answer. Read Buzzer management

Pastor Jim Somerville went on a short vacation last week off the grid. When he came back, the massacre happened at the South Carolina church, Obamacare had been upheld, and gay marriage was legal nationwide. I like his thoughts on all of this, which were his sermon that Sunday. Read In Light of Recent Events

David Lacy considers our society’s bias toward grouping people by age, and how those age groupings become broader the older one gets. To wit: he is in a seniors group with people who were once his students when he taught elementary school. Read  Homogeneity

Once again, Matt Appling has something useful to say, this time about patriotism on this 4th of July. His post reminds me of what Pogo famously said: we have met the enemy, and he is us. Read Why Americans Love Their Country and Hate Each Other

Flags Flying Furiously


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  1. davidvanilla Avatar

    Thanks, Jim. Matt does have an excellent analysis. As for picks, reference your own, “You probably wouldn’t do the things you say. . .”

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      Aw gawrsh, thanks.

  2. puspita1010 Avatar

    Follow back my blog. Will be so glad if u could do it. It will means gold to me. ☺ ❤❤

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      I did it — but I don’t speak your language and can’t understand a word of what you write!

  3. puspita1010 Avatar

    Thanks a alot. I cant belieave it that u did. I will fixed that problem with language so thanks for it. Its like a dream came true.☺☺☺😄❤❤💕

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