Captured: Delicious evening light over the deck

Evening light over the back deck

One evening in May the setting sun cast a warm, brown light into my neighborhood. I grabbed my Canon PowerShot S95 and tried to capture it. I wish all of my cameras had a “capture this just like it is” setting. Frustratingly, the S95 kept wanting to auto-white-balance the light back to normal. I ended up shooting in program mode in RAW, with white balance deliberately set to capture the light as close to right as possible. And then I tweaked the image further in Photoshop trying to fully recapture that interesting, delicious light, and how it shifted the colors of everything it touched.

I love how my growing interest in photography has attuned me to the world. I used to live in such blindness and ignorance of the subtle, the beautiful, the interesting. Not too long ago, even if I had noticed this delicious evening light, I would have shrugged it off and turned back to what I was doing. I would have really missed out.


5 responses to “Captured: Delicious evening light over the deck”

  1. jpcavanaugh Avatar

    We non-photographers don’t stop to think about how much effort can go into capturing an image. Your toil paid off for this beautiful shot.

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      I get what you’re saying, but it hardly felt like toil. More like annoyance. There are some photographers out there who will sit in a scene for hours waiting for the right light, the right condition. That’s not me!

  2. kiwiskan Avatar

    you did well. It’s incredibly hard to capture this kind of light

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      Thank you for saying so! It took some doing to get it.

      1. kiwiskan Avatar

        I can believe that!

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