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I especially enjoyed these posts that I read this week:

At what point did negro become black become African-American? When did we discard retarded for developmentally disabled? And why? Emily Sullivan Sanford thinks perhaps the original terms started out as innocuous, but society made them pejorative. But is continued use of the old terms necessarily bigotry? Read Why Do Names for Minorities Keep Changing?

Rapper Snoop Dogg tweeted recently that he would like to be CEO of Twitter. James Altucher lists all the reasons why that’s not a ridiculous idea. He has some interesting points. Read Snoop Dogg for CEO of Twitter. Here’s Why.

It was ubiquitous, the full-sized Chevrolet that was introduced in 1977 and produced a whopping 14 model years. But writing for Curbside Classic, Paul Niedermeyer contends that it was one of the most important cars General Motors ever built. Read 1979 Chevrolet Caprice — GM’s Greatest Hit #2


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