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1973 Chevrolet Impala

Tail lights, 1973 Chevy
Canon PowerShot S95


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  1. pesoto74 Avatar

    I would have never guessed at one time that some Impalas would become classics. Back when i was growing up they were very common and seemed kind of boring. Now I have to admit that time has made some look pretty good. I wonder how long it takes for the classic in a car to come out? Recently we bought my uncle’s 1993 Ford F150. My Dad had a 1994, which is pretty much the same truck, and I remember thinking when it was new that it looked too modern and lacked style. Now after twenty years the truck looks good to me.

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      Great thought. It’s the same with old buildings. Lots of buildings were razed in the 50s-70s that would horrify preservationists today, but then were just valueless old buildings. The ’73 Chevy pretty quickly just became a stupid old car. They were hugely plentiful and by the early 80s could be had for cheap as beater transportation. And then the vast majority of them started having problems not worth fixing given the car’s value, and they started disappearing. You started to hardly see them on the road, and then you didn’t see them at all. It’s probably been 25 years since you’ve seen one of these in use as transportation. And now, with fresh eyes, here’s this one, and glory be: it’s interesting again. It’s a natural cycle.

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