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Every week I select a handful of posts I enjoyed reading on other blogs. Here’s this week’s set.

Pioneering radio station KPH broadcast entirely in Morse code, with an audience of ships at sea. John Smith tells its story, with film photos he took recently. Upon arriving, he found his meter’s battery dead, so he guessed exposures himself. Read Low battery. No battery. No worries.

Most of us have a speeding-ticket story. Or two, or three. I have, well, let’s just say several (read one here). David Lacy tells one of his, from the middle of nowhere in Nebraska. Read Speeding is the Least of My Infractions

Jason Shafer owns a 1963 Ford Galaxie sedan, which he drove on a long spring road trip this year. He wrote about the trip for Curbside Classic. Part 1 is here but I really liked Part 2 — the Galaxie’s startlingly comfortable front bench seat, the sights he saw along the way, and a breakdown less than a hundred miles from home. Read A CC Roadtrip: Four Days, Six States, and Over 1,000 Miles in a 52-Year-Old Ford Galaxie – Part 2


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  1. bodegabayf2 Avatar

    I’m flattered. :-)

  2. davidvanilla Avatar

    Thank you again. I recall your Thorntown tale and enjoyed it again. Also, your other rec recommendations were worth the time.

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