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Here you go: my favorite posts from blogs all over the Web this week.

Nicholas Middleton wasn’t enthusiastic when Flickr changed its user interface yet again recently. But he had some particularly direct things to say about Flickr’s new automatic tagging feature, given that he carefully chooses his photo’s tags. Read Flickr’s “new” auto-tags

I’ve always wished one of my sons would get the photo bug. Alas. Rick Schuster‘s 13-year-old son did, so Dad loaned him his old Pentax K-1000 and helped him develop his first rolls of film. Read Passing along the love of film photography

Gerald Greenwood photographed some ponies with his Yashica-Mat 124 on Kodak Tri-X. Fellow’s got a way of engaging the animals. Read The Exmoor Ponies of Hindhead Common



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