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Here’s another episode in the continuing weekly saga of blog posts I liked.

I hardly watch broadcast TV anymore — except for the MeTV channel. I love plopping down in front of it and watching whatever it has for me. Otherwise, I stream television shows on the Internet. Will McKinley argues that MeTV is the perfect example of why there will always be a place for broadcast TV even as streaming eclipses it. Read TV is Dead, Long Live TV

Leigh started her blog because she wasn’t sure she’d live long enough for her young son to remember her, and she had some things to tell him. It turns out she had some things to tell us all. She has survived long enough for her son to form lasting memories of her. For that and several other reasons, she’s closing her blog. I’m always sad when a favorite blog closes, but in this case I’m happy that it’s not needed anymore. Read The Next Adventure

I think each of us is a puzzle piece, meant to fit somewhere nicely into this world. The trouble is, we can’t easily see what our shape is, so we know where we should be placed. The most fulfilled among us have figured that out and have put ourselves where we fit. Jane London has figured that out, although she doesn’t say so explicitly. Read I’m just not that nice…


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