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You know the drill: my favorite blog posts of this week, assembled for you.

TV writer Ken Levine wrote for a few seasons of M*A*S*H. MeTV aired the finale last Sunday, and Ken, who wasn’t involved, watched it and shared his thoughts. In short, he’s darn proud to have been associated with the show. Read My thoughts on the MASH finale

My city has a great walking/biking trail system all through Downtown, the Indianapolis Cultural Trail. It is two years old this year. Writing for Urban Indy, RJ Sharpe critiques it. Read Indy’s Cultural Trail Turns Two Years Old

UK photographer Gerald Greenwood made some fun photographs of cows using some super-slow black-and-white film. I’ve got a roll of the same stuff in the fridge and now I’m itching to shoot it. Read Ilford Pan F Plus 50

A first on the recommended reading roll: a two-time winner. On fire this week, Gerald Greenwood shares photos from a body-acceptance event, where lovely normal women prove that having a “beach body” means taking their body to the beach, period. The photos are just delightful. Read Taking Back the Beach


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  1. Bob Dungan Avatar
    Bob Dungan

    Thanks for the great reads and pic’s. Don’t know how you have time for all this.

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      Thanks Bob. I am too busy, but this is one of my favorite things, and so I make time for it.

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