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Submitted for your review, a spray of blog posts that I liked this week.

It’s startling to see color photographs from before about World War II. It’s even more startling to see some from before World War I. Paul Giambarba shares some 1913 color photos of a young strawberry-blonde British girl. Read Autochrome Lumière 1903-1930

In another lifetime I might have been a graphic designer. I enjoy considering visual design. Kjell Reigstad, writing for The Daily Post at, considers blog visual design — how a blog’s design guides your eye to set context and lead you to content. Read The Principles of Design: Visual Hierarchy

Gerald Greenwood takes film photos in his native England. He’s been shooting street with his Olympus Trip 35, including some indoor available-light work, using black and white Kodak T-Max 400. His results are stunning. I must try that film in my Trip 35. Read London, 26 April 2015


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  1. Carole Grey Avatar
    Carole Grey

    Wow was that fun. Such wonderful photos…the old color photos being especially well done. I even enjoyed the basic design article. Thanks.

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