Recommended reading

Here are the best blog posts I read this week.

Curbside Classic, the old-car site for which I write, featured station wagons all this week. We kicked it all off with Paul Niedermeyer telling the history of the modern station wagon. Read CC Wagon Week Kickoff: A Brief Illustrated History of the Station Wagon

Longtime readers will remember that I was in leadership in a church that teetered on the brink of dying. Preacher K. Rex Butts went farther: he closed his last church for good. He writes about discerning God’s will when your church is struggling. Read Closing A Church: A Necessary Conversation

Suzanne Lucas, writing as Evil HR Lady, shares a letter she received that illustrates why vastly unequal pay within the same work team for the same work is a bad idea. Read The Consequences of Unfair Pay

My anxiety around street photography is being noticed — and accosted — by my subjects. A Sydney street photographer who writes as Lignum Draco shares some photos where he was very clearly noticed. But he hasn’t been accosted. Yet. Read The dangers of street photography

Jeff Atwood tells you exactly why your passwords need to be at least twelve characters long. Hint: It’s because automated password crackers can figure them out too fast otherwise. Read Your Password is Too Damn Short


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